Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 'Open Me First' Box

Staying organized during the moving process can be tricky. There are so many small things to keep in mind, and it can be overwhelming. You would think that it would be so much easier if you could just throw all of your stuff into boxes, tape them up, and send them away. However, unpacking all of that mess would be a nightmare!

Moving can be exhausting, and packing and unpacking can cause unnecessary stress that you can avoid. If you start with an organizational approach, packing can move smoothly. If you have packed efficiently, then moving can have minimal hassle. If both the packing and the moving went ok, unpacking should go much easier. What does all of this mean, you might be wondering. Well, first, it is smart to plan your packing schedule and write everything down. Have some sort of inventory list of what each container holds and label them. This step alone can make or break your unpacking experience. If you have to rummage through your boxes time after time to find what you’re looking for, chances are the time that you spend unpacking is going to be much longer.

You should also think about your mindset on moving day. Don’t expect yourself to want to unpack everything on the first day after moving everything. You should have an “Open Me First” box for every important room. These boxes should contain the essentials, so that you can unpack everything at a more leisurely pace. “Open Me First” boxes are incredibly helpful.

After a big, hectic day of moving, you and your family are probably going to be hungry. Think ahead of time as to what you want to do on moving day, and that will determine what you pack in your “Open Me First” box for the kitchen. Some people pack paper plates with plastic silverware and water bottles so they can whip something up quickly when they are at the new place. Other people plan on ordering take out the first day, so if that’s your plan, program the takeout place’s number into your phone ahead of time; it’ll save you the hassle of looking it up on the spot. Your “Open Me First” box for the kitchen should include items such as 
  • Non-perishable snacks: for you and the family, you’re going to get hungry!
  • Roll of paper towels: things might get messy and you’ll need something to clean up with.
  • Dish soap: a small bottle should be ok, this is for the first couple of days. 
  • Cookware: one frying pan, pot, spatula, and couple of plates and utensils should do for the first couple of days until you’ve had time to unpack more. 
  • Coffee pot! The morning after the big move you’re going to be tired, and many people cant even function first thing in the morning without their coffee. Remember to pack coffee cups, creamer, sugar, coffee, and filters along with the pot. 
Your “Open Me First” box might have more in it, but remember these are the essentials; the things you’re going to need the most and probably the soonest. The china and the knick knacks are probably low on your list of things you cant live without. You can have a box for the combination of bathroom and shower. This box can contain items such as
  • Toilet Paper: at least one roll to get you through the first couple of days
  • Hand soap: moving day shouldn’t be an excuse not to wash your hands after going to the bathroom. 
  • Hand towel or paper towels: to dry your hands
  • Shower Curtain: and shower curtain accessories like the curtain rod, curtain hooks, etc. You won’t really be able to take a shower without it!
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and soap: At the end of moving day, you’re going to feel dirty and sweaty. Taking a nice shower will help. 
  • Bath Towels: You’ll need these for showering, unless you think you can pull off drying you and your family with paper towels!
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Blow dryer and hair brush
You don’t need to put your bathroom rugs and vanities around during the first day or so, remember, just stick with the basics! Some things you might not want to forget are cell phone chargers and scissors. They will come in handy in every room. Also, be mindful of your sleeping situation. If you are planning on sleeping in your beds that night remember to pack your pillows and blankets in an “Open Me First” box for each bedroom. Each family member should also pack an individual bag that has a couple of days worth of clothes in it so everyone isn’t scrambling for clean clothes. Remember your medications as well, they’re needed for a reason!


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