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Moving Tips


Let’s learn some awesome moving tips to go along with packing tips. There’s more to just moving than packing up your stuff and hauling it to the new place. If it were that easy, many people wouldn’t be so stressed, they would hire someone to do everything and that would be it. Moving requires a lot of effort and close personal attention to detail. 

First you have to get organized. Moving is not something you should procrastinate doing. You probably have more stuff than you think you do and it’ll probably take longer than you think it will to pack and move it. By starting early, you give yourself enough time to pack everything you thought you didn’t have. Making lists can also help to keep your organized when everything is disheveled. You can make two lists, one for your current place, and one for your new place. This helps your manage what has to go where. These lists can include a room inventory. Writing down what’s in each room can help with packing and unpacking, and also knowing where things are. 

It’s moving time. If you are planning on hiring movers to do the brunt work, make sure you do your research. Make sure you hire professional efficient movers, sometimes bad movers are worse than no movers at all. You can weed out the bad eggs by getting referrals from many people, your friends and local real estate agents. Check their reputation. Look them up through the Department of Transportation, the Better Business Bureau, and Of course, check their price! If that price is right and everything else checks out, they're the movers for you!

Moving doesn’t only effect you and your family. Other people need to know that you’re moving as well. Don’t forget to tell the post office that you’re moving, otherwise, you won’t be getting your mail! If you’re moving a long distance away, you should also get medical records, and school transcripts at the same time that you’re notifying the doctors and schools of your move. 

Here’s a possible list of people you should let know about your move:
  • Accountant/tax preparer; Alumni associations; Attorneys
  • Babysitter/ child care provider; Banks (auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home equity, IRA’s, mortgage, safe deposit box, savings account); Broker; Business cards (order new ones if applicable)
  • Cell phone provider; Child care/ daycare; Chiropractor; Courts, especially for traffic tickets or local disputes; Credit bureaus; Credit card issuers
  • Dentist; Department of Motor Vehicles; Diaper service; Doctor; Dry cleaning pick-up and delivery
  • Family members and friends
  • Health clubs; House cleaning service; House of worship
  • Insurance providers (auto, health, life, other vehicles); IRS (form 8822)
  • Lawn care; Luggage tags (replace existing ones)
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • New business cards; New employer; Newspaper subscriptions
  • Old employer; Orthodontist
  • Parent-teacher association; Passport; Pet sitter/ dog walker/ pet day care; Pharmacy (get year-to-date expense summary for taxes); Physical therapist; Physician (get referral for new location); Post office; Professional organizations
  • Retirement plan holders; Return address labels (order new ones)
  • Schools ( get copies of transcripts); Snow removal service; Social Security Administration; Swimming pool maintenance (pool cleaning, pool opening or closing); Swimming pool memberships
  • Veterinarian get vet records and recommendations
  • Water delivery service
After all of that, it’s time for the big day; moving day. There’s even more to do then, but first, let’s complete everything we have to do before the big day. Remember, if you start early and give yourself enough time, it will lower the stress involved with the moving process. Make sure you stay on track and give yourself little due dates throughout the moving/packing process. For example, the kitchen needs to be packed by monday. Get to work, and try to have fun!
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What To Do On Moving Day


It’s moving day. And as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. In the case of moving day, when you start early, you give yourself more time to move and it makes you feel less rushed. Of course everyone wants to get done as soon as they possibly can, but starting earlier rather than later gives you more time and you might not feel the time crunch as much. 

As if moving isn’t stressful enough, there are several things you have to worry about on the big day. Perhaps you have children, maybe their too little to help move, and watching them in the midst of the chaos may be too much. Moving day is a good day to hire a sitter. Doing so, gives several benefits. First, they will be out of harms way. You won’t have to worry about them getting hurt while everyone and everything is going from one place to another like a crazy person. They also won’t be in the way, whether you’re the one doing the moving, or the movers are doing the brunt work; they stay out of everyone’s way. You don’t have to focus on them, their safe and out of your hair.

When the day starts, try having food ready. Having breakfast food like coffee, orange juice, donuts, bagels, and muffins will help get everyone started and ready to work. Moving on an empty stomach is no fun, and if you do start moving early in the morning, you know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day!

Before the moving truck leaves, make sure everyone knows where they’re going and has contact information in case they get lost. If you’re hiring a truck driver, or if the moving company drives their own moving truck, make sure they have your number and you have theirs, that way if you get separated, you can get in touch with each other and no one gets lost. Make sure your directions are accurate and thorough, especially if they’re going somewhere they’ve never been before. 

Once you and your stuff has gotten to the new place, make sure you have the moving company’s payment. Sometimes, they won’t unpack a single thing until they have their payment, in cash, and in full. Save yourself time and frustration and have it ready ahead of time. If you’ve taken on the task of moving on your own, with some help, this would be a good time to take a short break before having to move everything in to the new place. 

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy for you on your big day. Moving can be stressful, tough, and tiring, but if you stay organized and consistent, it’ll be a lot easier for you. Now you get to think about all of the fun you’ll be having when it’s time to unpack everything!
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