Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Packing Tips

Moving can be very stressful. Packing your belongings can be even more stressful; you have to worry about fitting stuff into the containers in an efficient way and be concerned about potential damage to your stuff. You have to form some sort of organizational strategy as well as do a majority of the grunt work putting your stuff into your packing containers. There are a lot of things you have to think about when you pack up for the big move.

First, you need some type of list. This doesn't mean literally going through all of your stuff and writing down every single thing you own (although this would be helpful). A list can be packing one room at a time, that way, you're packing similar things together. I cannot express enough however: label label label! It'll make unpacking so much easier! You don't have to be fancy with your labeling, it can be as simple as "Kitchen, Living Room" etc. You should also have a couple of containers that you label with something along the lines of "Open Me First" these are your necessities for this room. That way, the morning after your big move, you can find your coffee pot to get yourself energized before the big unpack. 

You also need to be very aware of how fragile your belongings are. You should take the extra time and be cautious; carefully wrap your delicate pieces in newspaper or bubble wrap before putting them away. Many people look around for empty boxes, and buy extra rolls of tape for boxes that will contain especially heavy pieces. This isn't recommended. If you haven't noticed, the word "box" hasn't been mentioned, because in most cases, boxes are awful to move with. They aren't very sturdy and require additional adhesives like extra tape to reinforce them.

Think about using storage totes. They may be a little more expensive up front, but they do a better job at the following:

• They do a better job stacking.
• They are more durable.
• They are infinitely reusable.
• They come in many different sizes.
• They come in different colors and designs.
• They don't get ruined if they get wet.
• They have resealable lids.
• They don't wear out as easily.

Packing can be stressful, but it's encouraged to make it a little fun. Listen to some music while you're packing, and think of your storage container as a tetris game, fitting each piece as close to the other pieces as possible, which will help you put more stuff in your containers. 


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